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becky haycox aka hambox

Third-person blurb: Her identity somewhere between a dilettante and an aesthete, Becky Haycox marches to her own homemade drum. A member of various creative communities, she uses more than her fair share of hyphens as a designer-writer-actor-crafter-monologist-maker.

arts & crafts

Find out more about my art, quilts, crafts and films here.

I hold more than more than 20 year’s experience in graphic design, which I parlayed into a successful print/web development and education career. I live in Southern California, where I am a marketing multimedia monkey for an arts organization and for a youth development program.

How did the name Hambox come about?

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I have owned beckyhaycox.com since 1998.

This blog is powered by WordPress. As of January 2008, I have been using a custom theme designed by Jessica of Kerflop. It was hardcoded based on a mockup I created in Photoshop. More details can be found here: