archive 1998: museum of exotica

Museum of Exotica partyBrian and Amy G celebrated their respective 40th and 16th birthdays November 98. It was blowout at the Museum of Exotica, an incredible place for which these photos do no justice. Brian and I went to a party there several years ago and we have coveted the space ever since. Everywhere you look, there’s stuff. And really great stuff. You can’t just simply rent out the space; you have to kind of audition for the guy who owns it. Read the article at the bottom of the page to find out more about it.

backstory: from what I understand, the Museum is no more. I grieve. I’m so glad Brian had this party. It was a fab time, no to be topped.

birthday boy
Here’s the birthday boy, with the appropriate adoring, grabbing hand in the foreground. Note the very spooky Laughing Sal in the background.

The Museum is chock full of artifacts from all over the world. I myself was accidentally hit on the head by a carving made from a human leg bone. Now that’s a party!

amy shoes

And here’s the birthday girl, looking tres glam in a heroin-chic kind of way. And a closeup of her most excellent shoes.

crowdSheila Thibodeaux and I performed a selection from the musical The Stylist. The crowd seemed to enjoy it. I sang “Chilli Crevasse”, the odd Marlene Dietrich/Carmen Miranda ex-stripper showgirl song.

backstory: The Stylist was a very silly musical, written by Sheila and Richard, that achieved minor cult status in Ventura for a couple months in 1998. I developed the character Chilli Crevasse after gazing at the Grand Canyon on Thanksgiving 1997.

The Chilli Crevasse song starts out: “My name is Chilli Crevasse, Chilli Crevasse/I want to show you my ass, show you my ass.” I wrote that lyric, aren’t I a Bernie Taupin in the making? Anyway, that lyric inspired the photo below. It was taken Guy, a 13-year-old boy.

chilli front and back


Miss Fancy-Pants Eliza wants you to read the article about the Museum of Exotica by clicking here.