craftorama roundup 2011


I going on the radio today to talk about crafting and quilting which are things that I sometimes do when I’m not obsessing about food or whining about my hip flexor.

I am making appearance #2 on Lyn and Cyn’s Women Talk program on KKZZ. You can read/hear about the first appearance (where I talked about online dating) here. I’ll be on sometime between 11:30am and noon PST today (5/25). You can listen online or I’ll probably post the audio file later.

For those of you who found this blog by listening to me blab on the radio, welcome. Here’s how to find craft posts among allllll the other crap important information on this site:

Just writing all this is making me feel guilty about not getting the craftass in gear in many months. Yeesh, time to sew!