Diary Entry: December 1, Age 14

As part of my Advent Calendar project, I am presenting actual excerpts from my actual teenage diaries!

[backstory: I was new to town, and it was my first year of high school. The only girl who would befriend me was Naomi — she had a bad reputation and got me in a lot of trouble the year we hung out. Her boyfriend Bobby was a senior (gasp!) Herein lies the gist of a doomed double date with a friend of Bobby’s named Gerry.]

Well, the Big Date was a Big Drag. Gerry left early (SATS in Connecticut tomorrow morning) and, as usual, I was the unwanted third person in the triangle/line segment of Bobby, Naomi and me. Gerry seemed mad at the fact that Bobby was so high he couldn’t stop talking — Gerry abruptly dropped us off at the dance at the Reformed Church. Bobby and Naomi made out while I just felt bugged about Gerry. The band, “Sunrise”, was good, though.

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