hamblog, now with less content

My one defense is that I am generating content elsewhere, especially for live audiences, which provides immediate and more satisfying feedback than toiling away on this bloggie, which I have no idea if you (yes you) are reading and/or enjoying, unless you comment on it, electronically or in person. Get it? Just this past weekend two more lurkers revealed themselves to me (yes, you and you) and mentioned they are hamblog devotees. That’s nice — now that I know!

I’m sorry, it’s really annoying when a blogger complains about a dearth of comments. My bad. I hate the phrase “my bad”. Sorry again.

Okay, it’s obvious that the nerves have manifested themselves as grunchiness*. Tonight is another night of me reading my personal, private, teenage diaries. This time I will take the audience on the journey of DD, the Boy on Whom I had a Crush for One Thousand, One Hundred and Seventy Nine Days. Most likely I won’t post these diary experiments here; to hear them, you’ll just have to come to LA or book me for your backyard barn show.

The UkuLady’s Ponyshow: Wednesday, October 3rd at 8pm!
A variety extravaganza of theatrical theoretical magic and Good Times – every week features a new lineup of up & coming talent & special guests with a story to tell…

This week features: Traffic ticket attorney & musician Sherman Ellison; The Ranting Heeb, Jonathan Caplan; writer/gadfly Larry Blum; humorist Don Black; Porch Music; diary entries with Becky Haycox! Hosted by Thessaly Lerner, The UkuLady!

WHERE: Theatre Asylum 6320 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles
WHEN: This Wednesday Night 8pm! October 3rd!
HOW MUCH: $7 suggested donationsies!

Also, the newest installment of Michael W. Dean’s podcast on which blab endlessly is up and online. MWD, DJ, and I discuss everything under the sun and crack up a lot. I’m surprised that people seem to enjoy the BeckyChat series; I guess it’s almost always fun to eavesdrop on others shooting the shit.

Podcasts, diaries, podcasts, diaries. Do I do anything else? Why yes, I:

  • Made pincushions
  • Bought tickets to see the Go-Gos
  • Completely neglected the YMCA
  • Went to San Francisco, again
  • Did some other stuff I am most definitely not sharing with you (yes you)

*Grunchiness: hybrid of grumpy, grouchy and grinchy, coined by the awesome Leepy Leepybo

And you know, of course, that when I condemn the noncommenters, I don’t mean you, you, you, or you.