quiltreport final: science quilt

Science Quilt!

The Science Quilt is done! If you’d like to read about the making process, from start to finish, you can hit the links at the bottom of the post. And there are lots of photos here.

Recap: Last year, while working (as a civilian) in a university Chemical Engineering Department, I would pass a poster every day in the hallway. On this poster was a chart. One day, I thought hey, this chart would make a nice quilt!

comparison of various metrics

The chart was a part of a computation called “Capturing Phase Dynamics of Circadian Clocks.” I thought aha — the Circadian rhythm has to do with the wake/sleep cycle, and a quilt is something you sleep under!

A mere year-plus later, and here it is, the Science Quilt!

Science Quilt!

The quilt pattern on top are EEG patterns of the brain during various levels of wake and sleep:

eeg sleep patterns

You can see the quilt pattern here a little more clearly:

Science Quilt: pinning, chalking and quilting

I’m very happy with it. It’s wonky and imperfect, which okay, that’s part of the point. And we can all safely say there’s nothing else like it in the entire world.

What’s next for our Science Quilt? On Friday, I am entering it into the Ventura County Fair quilt exhibit. Then, in December, I’m entering it into a “Contemporary Quilt” show at a local museum. Wish me luck!

Many thanks to Dr. Frank Doyle — he’s the chemical engineer who started it all. Also, much gratitude to all the Science Quilt boosters, especially Tamar, Regina, Professor Scott, Professor Roger, Shana, Kerri, C-girl, Ted, and Cloudy!

Science Quilt!

Update! I made a small version of the quilt, so that I could enter it into exhibits that have a smaller maximum perimeter. I almost destroyed it by some hasty cutting and binding, but my sister Annie came into town and saved the day. I have entered into two possible exhibits — one in Ventura and one in England! Wish me luck.

Another update, March 2010! The Science and Junk quilts are making appearances starting March 14 at Museum of Ventura County’s “Becoming Art at the Seams” exhibit. I also got mentioned in the Ventura County Star. Take that, Art/Science exhibit in England that rejected me.

Final small Science Quilt

See more images of ALL the science quilts here!

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