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rain duds

Hoo boy, slam, pow, did the rain come last night. It was delightful to wake to the sound, to smell the cool damp, to pull out the rain gear.

Quick transition to abject terror trying to maneuver my elderly car through flooded streets, psychotic drivers.

Another quick transition to pure aggravation at how hard it was to find parking, to schlep my stuff through the downpour, to attempt to hop across waterlogged mini-rivers.

But then I finally got some coffee and food in me. I neglected my nutrition because of a morning meeting and I had let my levels get down to red alert level freakout panic. Oh, man, that made things better; I went back to appreciating the rain again. See my new awesome raincoat in that horrible photo? I love my new raincoat.

Because I am lazy beyond comprehension, I bought a prepackaged “All Five of your Five a Day!” meal — five servings of premeasured fruits and vegetables, one’s daily allowance. There are also small servings of hummus, peanut butter, and a mix of raisins and sunflower seeds.

This is story of how we found our Hambox, still grouchy from her hungry rain travails, sitting and watching the rain while eating Ants on a Log.

Next up: story time and nap.