Star Wars hyperdrive would be fuzzy fog, say students

That is a title of an article when I was trying to remember the super space speed that made all the straight lines, that hyperdrive warp speed thing from the movies. “Fuzzy fog” is somewhat more apt, as time seems to accelerate the older I get, but instead of a laser-accurate direction with a specific destination, it is disorienting and weird. Especially as I read with alarm about the 3rd, 25th, 40th anniversary of events that could have happened, oh, say, last spring. #boringoldpersonruminations

Oh, also I was one of the kids in line to see opening weekend of Star Wars (at the Loews in midtown NYC, I think) and apparently that grants me some sort of coolness factor? Even though I was with my dad and stepmom and they didn’t like how loud it was. Now, kids, sit on Granny’s knee and I’ll tell you all about my Zelig-like presence at many iconic punk and new wave shows!

A these-times-specific phenomenon – seeing all the friends’ kids after the covid years and they are now 17 feet tall and hairy and adult. PHEW!